It all Started with a Book

This is the true story of Charles Leonard Tufts – Tuffy, to his friends – who was drafted into the US Army on 6 December 1942, aged 32, and served as a medic with second platoon, “D” Troop, 94th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) of the 14th Armored Division as the unit made its way across Europe. Tuffy’s diary tells his story as a soldier and spans October 1944 until May 1945.

This is also the story of the 95th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, told through its unit After Action Reports (AARs) and the story of “A” Troop, 94th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, as told through the diary of Hugh Warren West, who also wrote the book “Recon Trooper” about his wartime experiences, and of third platoon, “D” troop, as told through the photographs of Hershel Fogelson.

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